Multilingual Alphabet: ABC Printable for Bilingual Kids (USA Paper Sizes Pack)

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Multilingual Alphabet: ABC Printable for Bilingual Kids (USA Paper Sizes Pack)

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Help your bilingual kid's brain learn the alphabet without confusion.

This ABC Poster comes with 26 kid-attractive illustrations of things that start with the same letter in these five languages:

English, Spanish, French, Italian* and Portuguese.

Romanian, German, Swedish and Catalan have also been mentioned as suitable languages for this alphabet by the multilingual parents community (though I can’t corroborate that 100%).

* Italian language notice: Certain letters are included that do not appear in the original / traditional / “purist” alphabet (J,K,W, X and Y). This is because with globalization and the importation of foreign words these words are now used by Italians. For example, ‘Jazz’ or ‘Kiwi’.

What's included?

A ZIP file with:

(6 High-Resolution PDFs) Both versions ( white and colored ) of the Multilingual Alphabet in the following sizes:

- USA Tabloid / Poster size ( 11 x 17 in )

- USA Letter size (8.5 x 11 in)

- USA Postcard size (4 x 6 in)

(1 PNG) An illustrated list of words with translations in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.

* This alphabet is also available in International Paper Sizes*

List of Words

Click here to see the words chosen for this alphabet in all five languages.

Read before buying

  • This is a digital product and there are currently no already-printed copies for sale.
  • Special letters like Ñ, Ç, l·l, ß, etc. are not included in this alphabet to keep it as compatible as possible with the different languages.

Download instructions

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4. Check your e-mail and download your files 🙂.


Multilingual Alphabet by Rodrigo Macias ©


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