1-10 Animal Numbers (Posters, Flashcards and Coloring Pages)

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1-10 Animal Numbers (Posters, Flashcards and Coloring Pages)

Box of Ideas
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About this printable:

Numbers with cute animal faces to teach counting and numbers recognition to kids in any language.

Each design has an X amount of animal faces within the number that matches the value of each number (i.e. Number three has three little pigs 🐷) so your kids can count them.

The Animal Numbers Bundle includes 3 PDF files:

1-10 Numbers Individual Posters

1-10 Numbers Flashcards

1-10 Numbers Coloring Pages

And since I love everything multilingual, the bundle is available in 6 different languages, as well as a Blank version (so you can add the numbers yourself in any other language):

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Italian

Bilingual kids tips:

Make a bilingual numbers memory game (a normal sized one using the flashcards or a GIANT one using the posters).

Make dual-language numbers flashcards by pasting the cards back-to-back in your chosen languages.

See it on the blog: 1 to 10 printable numbers

with a compilation of fun games to teach numbers to kids.

More creative ideas for Early Childhood Education in: boxofideas.uk

Thank you!

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